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50 Dufourstrasse
St. Gallen, SG, 9000

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Was wir tun:

Youth Engagement offers Students at FH, HSG and PH, the opportunity to gather practical experience and engage themselves for refugees.

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Unsere Projekte:

Über die Zeit können die Projekte, denen die Studierenden nachgehen sollen, auf die Herausforderungen der Zeit angepasst werden. Aktuell wollen wir Flüchtlinge unterstützen. Dabei bieten wir einen Service an, der auf die Fähigkeiten der Studierenden angepasst ist. Konkret bedeutet das, dass die Studierenden aus der PH unterrichten, diejenigen der FH eine medizinische und eine psychologische Betreuung anbieten und an der HSG eine Rechtshilfe angeboten wird.


How we work

We want to help organisations with a social cause to expand and or to deepen their services. For every partner we have a different set of activities based on their needs and opportunities. Our partners are therefore most important to us.


Tipiti is our first partner and first project. The starting point is end of March and we are looking forward to a very successful and longlasting partnership. For now we innovated three fields for the tipiti, which we can offer to the refugees there:


Public Relations Activities

Two Students with an affection to Marketing and with a field of study in business work together with a little group of refugees. Their task is to create a campagn every month to communicate the activities of the tipiti.

This project is ideal, because students and refugees can learn and work together. We believe that everyone should be met on an eye-to-eye bases. With this project we accomplish this "working-together-ideology" rather than the "working-for-system". Further more we agreed with the tipiti on a huge freedom for this team. They are free to work on anything they like and the result is less important than the process itself. This means if a video doesn't turn out how it is supposed to, it can be accepted. In another internship Students would be under pressure to do no mistakes, we are encouraging them to be creative and take risk. Also, maybe do something that matches more to the culture of the refugees than our own.


The Idea behind this is to mix students and refugees in an organic way. Students as well as Refugees can use the rooms to study. The agreement is however that refugees can ask students for support and advice. To realise an atmosphere in which everyone can study, two students are responsible for the organisation and coordination of this studio. further more they try to scout and promote talents of refugees and help them with challenging subjects. This is a supplementary program to the courses that tipiti offers. We want to individualize the learning experience and mix different cultures with these projects.


To manage and coordinate these different projects, a team of two students is doing all the organisation, coordination and comunication with tipiti. They do the workplans together with the students and refugees, they organise the needed equipment and keep us and tipiti informed and bring innpovative ideas.

This team is the beating heart of this project and combines responsibility and a lot of freedom for students.