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50 Dufourstrasse
St. Gallen, SG, 9000

078 807 87 74

Was wir tun:

Youth Engagement offers Students at FH, HSG and PH, the opportunity to gather practical experience and engage themselves for refugees.

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Unsere Projekte:

Über die Zeit können die Projekte, denen die Studierenden nachgehen sollen, auf die Herausforderungen der Zeit angepasst werden. Aktuell wollen wir Flüchtlinge unterstützen. Dabei bieten wir einen Service an, der auf die Fähigkeiten der Studierenden angepasst ist. Konkret bedeutet das, dass die Studierenden aus der PH unterrichten, diejenigen der FH eine medizinische und eine psychologische Betreuung anbieten und an der HSG eine Rechtshilfe angeboten wird.


Our Base

Our Philosophy is based on creating a win-win-situation with all our partners. Thanks to these onduring situations we can generate a healthy growth for both sides.

We have created a unique concept for our sponsors. It is based on three different pillars. For the first two we created a traditional sponsoring with a physical presentation and a web-presentation. This traditional sponsoring builds the foundation for our unique selling point:
The recruiting

The three pillars

The three pillars

Unsere drei Säulen für das Sponsoring

Through recruiting we want to give businesses, which are searching for academic Employees, an option outside of the impersonal Adds. With us, businesses that are searching for interns and graduates, can directly speak to the students. The costs only accrue when there is a signing of a student, that heard about the job through Youth Engagement. Thanks to this model businesses profit from a cheap and direct recruiting of students with a successguarantee and Youth Engagement from financial ressources for the growth of our projects and last but not least, our members because they get the new joboffers a week earlier than the publishing and can use this for a headstart in the applying process.

Could we gain your interest? Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us on the phone +41 78 807 87 74 or throug the Mail.