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50 Dufourstrasse
St. Gallen, SG, 9000

078 807 87 74

Was wir tun:

Youth Engagement offers Students at FH, HSG and PH, the opportunity to gather practical experience and engage themselves for refugees.

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Unsere Projekte:

Über die Zeit können die Projekte, denen die Studierenden nachgehen sollen, auf die Herausforderungen der Zeit angepasst werden. Aktuell wollen wir Flüchtlinge unterstützen. Dabei bieten wir einen Service an, der auf die Fähigkeiten der Studierenden angepasst ist. Konkret bedeutet das, dass die Studierenden aus der PH unterrichten, diejenigen der FH eine medizinische und eine psychologische Betreuung anbieten und an der HSG eine Rechtshilfe angeboten wird.


We help students utilize their skills and talents

Despite their great potentials, students belong too often to the least used human resources in the society. Youth Engagement aims at providing a variety of opportunities to students to turn their theoretical skills into practice. For many of them, it is difficult to set their foot in the work environment after accomplishing the study successfully. This is exactly where Youth Engagement picks them up. Instead of letting you be thrown in at the deep end, we support, encourage and challenge you to gain practical experience in your area of expertise while pursuing a social purpose.

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The board for the Spring Semester 2019

The board for the Spring Semester 2019

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The basics:

Youth Engagement is a non-profit organization that offers students from St. Gallen the chance to gain work experience in their area of study. You can apply your skills and knowledge in practice while engaging in a great cause.

 Together with our partners, we tackle the challenges of our time in order to sustainably improve the future. Thanks to our students’ dedication, both of you and the society can benefit. Youth Engagement offers a joint project that promises mutual help for mutual benefit. In our first project, we work together with local refugees.


What is in it for students?

Students involved in Youth Engagement will have the opportunity to accumulate experience for future careers while fundamentally improving the world of the people they work with.

Our Board who helped to build Youth Engagement

Our Board who helped to build Youth Engagement

What is in it for refugees?

The integration process is not always an easy one. To enhance it, we work with well-known organizations instead of competing with them. In this sense, we see ourselves as a kind of B2B service provider. We communicate and cooperate with organizations, big players or smaller ones, that already work with refugees.

 Since we work with students in all three universities of St. Gallen, we offer flexible and specific solutions for these organizations. Together, we are looking for opportunities that would add variety, creativity and enrichment to their services. We are proud of the broad and flexible resources of our students. According to their individual field of study, perfectly fitting solutions can be developed and offered. For example, we can help refugees with exceptional talents by scouting and mentoring them on individual basis. But we can also take over workspaces so that organizations can focus on their core areas. In every respect, we generate a win-win situation for everyone involved.


The Dream


Our dream is to inspire other cities and students and engage them to bring Youth Engagement on their action plan. Under the motto "Engaged Cities" we try to convey this inspiration. Should Youth Engagement be promoted in another city, there are only two requirements. Our aim is to let them operate under the name of Youth Engagement. New city-organization shall be free to structure and design their own organization. they should be able to scoop out the best of their students' skills. We are ready to support them as as much as we can to perform the aimed tasks. They can adopt our concept, mission statement, statutes and founding minutes on our website. Of course, we will integrate these cities into our website.

 If we manage to inspire other students from other cities, they will automatically become part of the umbrella organization Youth Engagement. Of course, in this case the leadership will be decentralized. Every city can lead itself.

 According to our statutes, all members can co-determine the board in the local city organization in the annual election. Furthermore, a member can also elect the board of directors of the umbrella organization and vote about current projects and targets of Youth Engagement.

 It is very important that we pursue the same goal. As a result, we can stand together as one organization and still exhaust the best by using the potentials of our individual members.

 Awesome that you made it this far. Your commitment means a lot to us.

Now there are two types of support. On the one hand, you can get involved with us and, with the help of our partners, gain work experience in your area.

This is how you can get engaged

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