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50 Dufourstrasse
St. Gallen, SG, 9000

078 807 87 74

Was wir tun:

Youth Engagement offers Students at FH, HSG and PH, the opportunity to gather practical experience and engage themselves for refugees.

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Unsere Projekte:

Über die Zeit können die Projekte, denen die Studierenden nachgehen sollen, auf die Herausforderungen der Zeit angepasst werden. Aktuell wollen wir Flüchtlinge unterstützen. Dabei bieten wir einen Service an, der auf die Fähigkeiten der Studierenden angepasst ist. Konkret bedeutet das, dass die Studierenden aus der PH unterrichten, diejenigen der FH eine medizinische und eine psychologische Betreuung anbieten und an der HSG eine Rechtshilfe angeboten wird.



The Founders and the Board

In this segment we want to present to you the people who made all of this possible. The people who had the Idea and worked hard on a daily bases to make it reality!

We are still talking with some partners from the FHS and the PHSG. We hope to present the further founders in a short time.

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Cyrill Tadros (President)

Cyrill had the idea in the winter 2017, while he and Viviane were studying in the Assessement Year at the HSG. In the Summer 2017, after the exams, the work began. He started formulating the Ideas more precicely and layed the theorethical foundation.

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Viviane Gstrein (Vice President)

After Viviane heard Cyrills idea, she was passionate to join Youth Engagement. So she did.  In fact the logo and the name are mainly her ideas. 
She is the main Partner for third Parties and the actual star of the organisation.


Temmam Shibib (Finance)

Temmam joined our team in late 2017, after heard of our project. He was impressed quickly, because he is committed to the idea of integration and of using the know-how of students to achieve goals in favors  of society. Thanks to his knowledge  creativity he suits his job perfectly.

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Rahel Inderbitzin (Refugee Ambassador)

Rahel is a very sweet person who is taking a personal responsibility to help people in need. She is very Engaged in informing refugees about our programms.